CBD Oil Progress to Expect in 2019

CBD oil made its way even more into the mainstream in 2018, and nothing’s going to stop it this year. Just this month, the large national chain CVS announced a limited deployment of CBD oil into its stores in select states around the country. Executives said the product placement was in response to significant consumer demand for CBD oil and CBD products. Efforts by researchers and CBD proponents have done a lot of work slowly removing the stigma from CBD. More people and animals than ever are experiencing the health and wellness benefits of regular CBD use. However, there’s still more to be done. Look for these further developments in the CBD oil industry in 2019.

More Major Retailer Access

CVS’ announcement could mark a major breakthrough when it comes to easier access to CBD items. Seeing CBD oil stocked on shelves next to vitamins and over the counter supplements will bring it more into the mainstream. Big money from the retailers could be spent on public education and marketing CBD lines, which would contribute further to the demystification. So many people still conflate CBD oil with the psychoactive properties of marijuana. As large retailers stock their shelves with CBD, the public perception of CBD oil will improve.

Increased and Better CBD Options

CBD oil is still made into tinctures and placed in edibles by a great deal of small operations. The hesitance of major supplement companies to work with CBD has given a boost to many entrepreneurs willing to push the envelope. In 2019, there will likely be some ripple effect to the CBD economy as a result of major outlets selling oils. Increased competition could lower prices, which is good news for consumers. It will also place more pressure on manufacturers to improve the quality of their goods. There’s likely to be better and more CBD oil products on the market in 2019 than ever before.

CBD oil companies that were stuck on the fringe of legality for years are now being brought into a more open and regulatable environment. In the end, CBD consumers will reap the most benefits because they will have more faith that the products are safe. The CBD oil they consume will also be cheaper and more effective. More money will be spent proving the benefits of CBD and spreading access into more parts of the country so that people can live a healthier and fuller life. If you're ready to start experiencing the benefits of CBD oil, check out the options at Caspers Oil today.