Does My Dog Need CBD Oil?

The rise in popularity of CBD oil has led many pet owners to ask "Does my dog need CBD oil?". The first thing that every dog owner needs to understand is that CBD poses no health risks to humans and animals. CBS oil is non-toxic even if large amounts are ingested, so giving it to your dog is perfectly safe. There is also no THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, in CBD oil. This means that there is no risk that your dog or anyone who takes CBD oil will get high. The upside of giving CBD oil to your dog is that it can help with many chronic health issues. Many pet owners have reported significant improvements to conditions that have affected their animals for years.

How Can Dogs Benefit from CBD Oil?

CBD oil can help dogs manage chronic conditions that negatively affect their quality of life. Owners report positive results from CBD oil for dogs struggling with anxiety, pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, and inflammation. If your dog is struggling with any of these issues, then CBD oil could give them relief. CBD oil manages pain, nausea, and anxiety. It can help dogs maintain even moods and handle anxiety-inducing situations like being left alone, meeting new people or animals, or visits to the vet. Other potential benefits from CBD oil include lowering blood sugar, combating degenerative diseases, and promoting bone growth. It’s a natural substance that contributes to dogs’ overall mental and physical health.

Are There Any Side Effects from CBD Oil?

The side effects of CBD oil are very minimal, especially when compared to many prescription drugs. As stated, there are no psychoactive ingredients in CBD oil, so the dog will not experience any mental effects. If too much CBD oil is given, dogs could experience non-harmful levels of drowsiness. In some rare instances, dogs have a short bout of diarrhea when given too much, but this symptom is temporary. The best way to hone in on the proper dosage is to start small and increase the dose until your dog has a positive reaction to the oil. Avoid giving your dog any CBD oil chocolates, raisins, or coffee. The added ingredients could trigger an adverse response.

If your dog struggles with anxiety, pain, or other health issues, CBD oil could help relieve the worst of their symptoms. More and more pet owners are experiencing how CBD oil can help their pets be more active and happier. Visit Caspers Oil today to see what health and wellness benefits CBD oil has for your dog.